We value your privacy. Please read the following information carefully to fully understand what information we collect and how we use it.

How will your email address be utilized?

Insulpedia.com is grateful to all users who have registered and shared their email address with us. We believe that the digital world has evolved to a point where relentless email marketing drives people away. We may send occasional site related news or updates to our subscribers, but you will not be automatically opted-in to a daily or weekly email blast. We know that your time is valuable.

As Insulpedia.com increases its content offering over time, we may make a regular newsletter update available to those who knowingly opt-in.

Collected Information

Insulpedia.com stores registration information from your completion of the registration form. This form may change over time, but the personal information typically includes name, email address, date of birth, address or location information and company or association affiliations. In some cases, we may add related information that is shared from our business partners.

Once you have registered and are signed into our site, you are no longer anonymous. We will collect information from logged-in users regarding transactions with us and select business partners, as well as how our products and services are utilized. We collect information regarding your browser, ip address, cookie information, and the pages you visit.

We also may collect bulk anonymous information regarding use of our site. This might include: which pages are visited, which external links are visited, what brought users to our site, and the device types that are viewing data. Insulpedia.com utilizes Google Analytics software to obtain this anonymous information. Similar anonymous data tracking software is commonly used by similar sites.

Use of Information

The standard uses for your personal information are: to optimize the value of the advertising content displayed to you and the manner in which it is presented, to analyze usage in order to improve product and service offerings, to share anonymous bulk user data with our sponsors or advertisers. Examples of this might be the anonymous number of clicks on a given advertisement or non-sponsored link.

We will not share your email address with third parties for the purpose of email marketing without your consent. Insulpedia.com only shares your information under special circumstances and with trusted partners. Those partners may be companies that offer products or services that can benefit our users. Your information will be treated as confidential.

We also reserve the right to share your personal information with third parties in the event of a legal matter or anticipated legal matter. Only the necessary information will be shared, and it will only be shared with the necessary parties.

Social Sharing Features

When users share a piece of content using the social sharing features of our website, we may collect information regarding where the content was shared or to whom your share was directed. When emails or social pages are collected, we may use that information to target potential new users that can benefit from our site by means of a single invitation to visit our site.

Tracking Cookies and Advertising

It is common procedure for websites to utilize cookies. We use them too. Cookies are the means for collecting much of your usage information previously described. It helps us optimize the content you see for the preferences that are discovered.

You can visit your web browser’s settings to disable cookies and deny our ability to collect the related information, but your user experience on our site will be limited. We hope you leave cookies enabled to allow us to provide the best possible content and services.

Third parties such as our sponsors, our advertisers, ad-servers, or co-registration partners may also utilize cookies. Please visit their privacy policy page to understand their policies.

Ad servers are a means of advertising that Insulpedia.com may use from time to time. Those ads may collect anonymous information about your visits to and user experience at insulpedia.com by using a pixel tag or web beacon. When ad servers combine that information with information from their other ads, they can use that data to develop an anonymous user profile. Profiling users enables ad servers to display ads that best suit your individual wants and needs. To opt out of tracking from third party ad servers, you should visit their unique website and opt out manually.

Confidentiality and Security

We may store your user information for a period of time following the deletion of your account. For as long as we have your personal information, it will always be treated as confidential.

Insulpedia.com limits access to your confidential information to only the necessary employees that need access in order to manage your account. We maintain a premium SSL certificate and take every precaution to secure your personal information from unauthorized access at the back end of Insulpedia.com.

We promise our best effort to protect your confidential information. However, we cannot guarantee unauthorized access. Upon registration to Insulpedia.com, you will be assigned a User Account with login credentials. Your registration submission acknowledges the fact that you are responsible for the confidentiality of the login credentials and all site activity related to your User Account. For security purposes, Insulpedia.com recommends against allowing a web browser to save your login credentials for auto-logon on shared devices.

You acknowledge that any unauthorized use of a User Account should be reported immediately. Please do so by visiting our contact page. Insulpedia.com maintains no liability for any misuse, losses, or damages resulting from a compromised User Account.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

As technology advancements dictate and the use of your personal information changes, we reserve the right to update this privacy policy at any time. Updates will replace the existing content on this page and be immediately communicated to users via email.

Contact Us

If you have questions or comments regarding our policies, please send us a message on our contact page. We promise to respond within 24 hours.