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2. Services provides various educational resources at no cost to design engineers and specifiers of mechanical insulation systems. In order to fund this initiative, places advertisements from third parties and features sponsors throughout the site. You hereby accept the the possibility of being exposed to third party advertising and email marketing campaigns.

The content on is for informational purposes only and is produced by internal and external contributors. We make every effort to ensure that only the most accurate and current information is displayed on the site. However, Insulpedia, LLC takes no responsibility for the accuracy or validity of the content or resources available on Insulpedia, LLC cannot be held liable for information that is deemed inaccurate or false claims regarding product performance that are made by internal or external contributors.

Before generating project specifications, specifiers should verify performance characteristics with the respective manufacturer or fabricator for a given product. All calculations used to design and specify mechanical insulation systems should be verified by a certified Professional Engineer.

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4. Editorial Policy and Procedure

Directory is based in the United States. The content is available in American English and is designed to be a useful resource for specifying engineers based in the U.S. or Canada. One resource on the site is a directory of participants in the mechanical insulation industry. welcomes new listings so long as they follow the following criteria:

  • Company has a website with a valid SSL certificate.
  • Company offers goods or services that provide value to mechanical insulation design and specification.
  • Company submits a high quality logo image.
  • Company has a relevant presence in the U.S. and/or Canada.

Furthermore, the company fits into one of the following profiles as described below:

  • Manufacturer – Producer of mechanical insulation products or related accessories used in a mechanical insulation system. Products or accessories are supported by branded data sheets displayed on a dedicated website.
  • Fabricator – Producer of custom mechanical insulation products or accessories. Fabrication services are displayed on a dedicated website.
  • Distributor – Insulation supplier who stocks pipe and or duct insulation for use in mechanical systems. Products must be displayed on a dedicated website.
  • Association – Organization with members associated with mechanical insulation or design and specification of mechanical insulation products.
  • Sales Agency – Independent agency that represents companies fitting the manufacturer profile.
  • Consultant – Experienced insulation professional either in tenure or design and specification.
  • Software Company – Provider of software that complements design, efficiency or takeoffs of mechanical insulation systems. promises to make every effort to not show bias or deny legitimate companies free exposure in our directory. Some discretion is reserved for companies or individuals who violate the TOS or are not reasonably believed to be relevant to the industry.

Articles (Internally Generated)

This type of content will be generated by the “Editors” of and labeled as such. The general guidelines are as follows:

  • Core subject matter is based around mechanical insulation design and material specification.
  • Content related to specific products or manufacturers is matter of fact and avoids favoritism.
  • Articles display links to original sources of information.
Articles (Externally Generated)

This type of content will be generated by contributing “Authors” of and labeled as such. The general guidelines are as follows:

  • Author must be affiliated with one of the companies in our directory.
  • Author must create content that will benefit specifiers.
  • Author may promote benefits of their products over competition in a professional manner.
  • Article follows our Contributor Guidelines.
  • Article passes approval of editors.

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